Detroit’s hottest weather: The sun is shining on the city again

Lubbock, Texas (AP) There’s still a lot to look forward to for the Detroit metro area, but even the hot weather won’t be enough to keep the city from dropping more than five degrees Fahrenheit (2.4 Celsius) for the second day in a row, according to the National Weather Service.

The heat was still felt Sunday, with the city of 2.4 million registering its highest temperature since December 31.

That was the highest temperature in more than six months.

It’s not just a matter of a hot summer.

Temperatures across much of the metro area are expected to drop into the 30s, according the NWS.

It was also the hottest temperature recorded in the area since January.

The NWS reported that a large area of the Gulf of Mexico, including the Florida Keys, is expected to experience an area of high pressure Sunday.

Temperaments in the region could reach 40 degrees F (11 C), the NWP said.

“This is a high pressure area and a large amount of moisture could be moving through the area,” said Jim Anderson, a meteorologist with the National Hurricane Center in Miami.

It could bring some rain to the area, Anderson said.

It was also a record high for the state, the highest ever in the NNS.

It may be too late for some residents to escape the heat, but some are already making plans for what could be an intense summer in the city.

The city of 6.2 million residents has been struggling to get the temperatures down.

“We’re seeing a lot of heat in the house and the air conditioning is pretty good in the apartment, but the heat in my apartment is probably the worst I’ve ever felt in my life,” said Mary Lou Langston, who lives in the East Lake neighborhood.

Langston’s neighbor, J.D. McLean, has been preparing to move out after more than two decades in her home.

She has a 3-year-old daughter who’s just getting her first braces.

“I was going to move in, but now we’re just kind of trying to take advantage of this heat,” Langston said.

She’s not worried about the city losing its air conditioning, though, because she has a large furnace.

“It’s a lot more efficient than a gas furnace,” she said.

Even though the heat has gotten a little bit cooler, the city still has more than a week to cool off before the next wave of storms arrives.

It’s likely to bring the highest temperatures in the last four years.

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