How the new year started in the US…

By tyler reynoldsThe first thing you’ll notice about January 21st is the way in which the sun and the air are shining.

The sky is blue, the air is cool and dry, and the clouds are coming up.

I’ll admit that it’s not quite what I expected, and it’s only part of the year, but it’s definitely something.

There’s a good reason for that.

When we think of January, we think about January weather.

It’s the start of a new year.

But January also represents the beginning of a very long winter.

The sun will rise around 7:30am Eastern Daylight Savings Time (EDT), and it will drop around 10:00am Eastern Time (ET).

The temperatures will plummet in some areas.

We could see highs in the mid-80s in New York City, as well as a few more.

We could also see highs and lows across much of the United States, and even across some parts of Canada.

The winter will not end anytime soon.

But it won’t be as bad as it has been for years, and we can get used to the cold.

The good news is that it will be a long winter, and for many years to come.

If you are looking for the best of the best winter weather, then you should take advantage of the cold snap and the early morning sun, which will help you to get your morning coffee, eat some healthy food and cool off from the cold, as temperatures can drop well below zero in the morning.

It’s not a bad thing to have your morning cup of coffee, but you’ll want to make sure you’re drinking it before you get up, or else you’ll have a terrible morning.

If you’re a coffee drinker, there are some tips to make it as comfortable as possible, so you can drink it all while you’re still awake.

As the sun sets, it will begin to rain again.

This is a good thing.

We’ll be spending a lot of time indoors, so it’ll be much more comfortable to stay in bed and get a good night’s sleep, and get into a rhythm of working.

It will get dark, and you’ll be left with a few hours to get ready for work, but don’t worry, there’s plenty of time to get dressed and grab your car.

You’ll want a good winter coat.

You don’t want to be wearing a wool coat on a cold January morning.

You want something warm, but not too warm.

The wool will keep you comfortable.

If your house is getting a bit warm, you’ll probably want to grab a jacket or scarf to keep you warm.

A hat will also do the trick.

This winter, you can expect to see a lot more snow and ice.

The rain will make it a bit less of a challenge to walk, so wearing a hat and scarf will be very useful.

You’re going to want to wear something that covers your ears and nose.

This will keep your cold air out of your eyes, and will also keep you cool.

The more layers you put on, the more effective the insulation will be.

The best way to keep your house warm in winter is to bring a blanket.

The blanket will keep things cool in the coldest parts of the house, and is a great way to cool down from a hard day at work.

You can also wrap your blanket around your car for a cool night’s rest.

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