How to avoid the ‘hottest day ever’ with the Fort Worth Weather app

The Fort Worth weather app has been updated to fix a serious bug that was causing people to see their weather data change dramatically, the weather app’s creators said on Thursday.

The bug, first reported on Thursday morning, caused users to see data change from positive to negative temperatures.

Fort Worth officials told local news outlets the update fixes the problem, but the issue isn’t limited to Fort Worth.

The Weather App’s updated version of Weather will display positive or negative temperatures on the map, and the app will not show a negative temperature unless you are in a specific geographic location, the developers said in a blog post.

When users turn on the app, they will see a new menu item, which is titled “Adjusting the Temperature.”

The app will now display temperature anomalies on the forecast map, the blog post said.

This is a significant fix, Fort Worth Mayor Betsy Hodges told the Dallas Morning News.

It’s really important that Fort Worth’s weather community, which has suffered through some of the hottest days in recent memory, get this right.

The current issue will be corrected in the next version, the app says.

The new app also includes a new weather-related tool called “Daily Weather,” which will display daily weather in your area.

The app will also show current and historic temperature anomalies.

Users can also check the current and historical temperature anomaly data at their favorite weather app.

The Fort Worth app, which launched in January 2017, has been a popular spot for users to stay up-to-date on the weather in their local area.

It also provides access to the Fort Myers Weather Center, which provides data on Fort Worth in the city.

The app can be downloaded for free on Google Play, Apple App Store and Windows Phone 8.1.

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