How to be a cooler weather climber

Modesto, CA — For many, the cold winter weather is just the start of the long winter.

For those in the Pacific Northwest, it can also mean the end of a long season.

It’s also a time of year when many are tempted to indulge in a little more outdoor activities.

“There’s a lot of people who enjoy snowshoeing and hiking, so I think it’s just a great time of the year to get out and do that,” said Matt Johnson, a spokesperson for the Northern California Snowshoe and Snowboard Association.

In some cases, the winter weather will make the snowshoes more accessible to those who might otherwise be unable to access the trails in the winter.

“It’s kind of a good mix,” Johnson said.

The most common outdoor activities in the Northwest are the snowmobiling and skiing season.

Both of those seasons are scheduled for a full week in November.

According to Johnson, there are also several snowshoers who enjoy winter training.

“I think you have people who are really into training and skiing, but it’s also great for people who don’t want to be outside and they want to just spend a little bit of time outdoors,” he said.

The Northwest snowboarding season runs from Nov. 1 to Dec. 1.

For the winter season, Johnson recommends skiing and snowmobiled to get through the winter and then hitting the slopes later in the season.

In the winter, Johnson said it’s important to stay hydrated and take in some of the warmer temperatures.

“When you’re out there, you’re just going to get thirsty,” he added.

“So I just try to stay cool and hydrated.”

Johnson said there is a lot to be excited about during this time of season.

“In general, it’s really cool weather,” he explained.

“It’s always the first thing you think about, and it’s always great to have it warm again.”

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