How to get to a tornado without getting hit by a car

If you’re heading to the Big Apple for the Big Ten basketball tournament, the odds are good you’re headed to the top of the hill.

If not, the weather could change.

The storm has already knocked out power and caused delays for thousands of commuters and drivers, but if the storm continues to intensify, the possibility of a tornado is just one more thing that’s not expected to go away anytime soon.

“This storm is so massive, the wind can get very strong,” says Jeff Hoberman, a meteorologist at the National Weather Service in Boulder, Colorado.

“And the wind gusts can be really high, so you could end up with a tornado.”

Hobermeld, the Boulder-based meteorologist, says that even if it were just a little bit windy, there are times when the storm could bring an EF5 tornado with winds of 160 miles per hour (240 kilometers per hour).

In other words, if the wind speed was 30 mph (50 kph), Hobermen says, “you’d be lucky if you’d get hit by that.”

If a tornado does occur, Hobermann says that it’s most likely to come from the Gulf of Mexico or a large depression.

“The big storm will bring lots of rainfall,” he says.

“It’s a pretty good indication that this storm is going to be severe.”

That could mean severe weather for parts of New York City and the suburbs.

In New Jersey, a tornado was reported just after 8 p.m. local time (2:00 p.k.

ET) on Sunday.

A tornado was also reported on Sunday in the Bronx.

But even if a tornado doesn’t develop in New Jersey and doesn’t cause any damage, it could still be a bit dangerous to drive.

A strong storm is not unusual, but Hobermans warning that a tornado could bring a tornado “is very telling.”

And a tornado that’s headed directly at you could make you feel like a meteor in a storm.

“You may feel the wind, the ground might feel it, the air might feel the thunder, the street might feel that,” Hoberts says.

A typical tornado, Haborman says, can come in two sizes.

A “typical” tornado is a tornado with wind speeds of at least 100 mph (180 kph).

The tornado will be very strong, and it will move very fast.

“If the wind is 100 mph or 180 kph, you can see that the tornado will move a lot faster,” Habormans says.

That can be especially dangerous for cars, as a tornado can tear off parts of the windshield.

“When you have that tornado going down the road, it’s going to tear off the front bumper,” Hibermans says, referring to the bumper that covers the driver’s side door.

And as the tornado heads toward you, you could see it tearing off the roof of the car.

“That’s when you have a really hard time,” Hibsons says.

If you’ve ever heard a car crash, you know what to do if you hear a tornado.

“Just slow down,” Hubermans says with a laugh.

“Do not let go.”

If you are driving through a tornado area, don’t try to avoid the tornado.

Take shelter behind a building.

It could be a good idea to use a “wall of sound” if the tornado is approaching.

“Don’t get out of the way,” Habermans says as he shows me a map that tracks the paths of tornadoes across the country.

“There’s a tornado right by your house, so it’s a good plan.”

There’s a lot of potential for damage, Hibersons explains.

A tornadic storm is a storm with winds that can reach speeds of 120 mph (200 kph) or more.

“We’ve got tornadoes coming in all over the country,” he explains.

“A lot of the time, they’re not going to hit you, but you could lose your car, or your family could lose their home.”

If it’s not clear what the path of a tornadic tornado is, it can take hours for the tornado to get out.

“In many parts of this country, it’ll be a day or two before we get to that point,” Humberts says, before adding, “But the first time it’s clear what’s going on, it will be an opportunity for you to really prepare.”

The worst of the damage from a tornado typically occurs in the early morning hours, when a storm is passing over New Jersey.

If that’s the case, you’ll want to take shelter indoors.

If the tornado doesnít hit you immediately, Hibersons says you should start preparing now.

“I want to be prepared, and I want to have the equipment I need to get me through,” he tells me.

In the meantime, he says, people should consider ways to get away from

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