How to save your money for the summer with the fresno forecast

Weather in Florida is looking good and with it, the heat.

The mercury has hit 106 degrees Fahrenheit (41 Celsius) in some places and that will rise as the day wears on.

While the air quality is fine, it does have a tendency to get more toxic, and that is why you should consider a little more caution with your clothes and other items.

Here are the things to think about before the heat starts to take hold:•Be aware of the warning signs.

Temperatures can increase dramatically over the weekend and it can even drop to as low as 80 degrees Fahrenheit in some parts of the state.

Don’t wear loose clothing.

If you’re wearing a jacket, check the label to make sure you’re actually wearing a tight-fitting shirt or a sweater.•If you’re going out on a hike or ride, be prepared.

Temperamentally, the warmer you are, the more you can expect to feel the heat and the more likely you are to get a cold.

Don�t wear a jacket.

Get one if you can afford it.•Consider getting out of the house.

If there is a significant risk of exposure to CO2 or heat, consider getting out to a cooler place, such as a car or apartment.

Keep an eye on your car for signs of smoke and be prepared for a sudden change in temperature.•Be prepared for the heat to increase if you’re outdoors.

Be sure to bring some warm clothes, water and snacks.

There will be no wind or rain, so bring some food to keep you going.•Plan ahead.

Make a plan to prepare for the hot weather, including when you will get back to work.

It is very important to get things in order before the sun rises.

This means planning ahead for how long you want to stay outside, and plan to keep your car parked at least an hour outside during peak heat.•Talk to your doctor.

Your doctor can tell you how long it will take to get back home.

If your doctor is concerned about CO2 exposure, it might be best to stay home until you’re fully prepared to return to work or school.

If you have a question about the weather, or just want to talk about how to keep yourself and your family safe during the heat, check out our weather coverage.

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