NC’s rain forecast: NC’s rainfall forecast has gone from bad to worse, according to weather reports

By Patrick Martin, AP Weather WriterAn Alabama woman who died in a freak accident during a lightning storm in July was found to have fallen through a hole in a utility pole and hit her head on it.

The death of 35-year-old Marlene Stansbury of Newburgh was ruled a suicide by coronavirus.

It’s a grim reminder of how easily people can fall.

Stansburys death was announced Saturday, but authorities are still working to identify who caused the fire that killed her.

The state Department of Public Health and Environmental Control announced the death of the woman, whose name was not released, at a news conference.

It was the second death in the state this year of a person who died from exposure to the coronaviruses.

The first, in February, was a 32-year old woman who fell through a utility wire in her home and hit a ceiling fixture.

The utility pole was about 50 yards away from where the woman was found on July 25, 2017.

Her death was ruled an accident.

The woman was identified as Marlene, who lived in Newburgh and worked as a lifeguard at the Atlantic City Pier.

She had been with the state Division of Environmental Protection for two years, according a spokeswoman for the department.

Stansbury was a mother of two children who was known to have an affinity for nature.

She worked as an air traffic controller at a local airport, a job she held for seven years, the department said.

Stantsburys husband, Richard, said he wasn’t sure why his wife fell through the pole.

He didn’t know her, but had worked with her.

He said he was shocked to hear the news.

“It’s really tragic,” he said.

“I didn’t think that she was that involved with it.

She was just a wonderful person.”

The woman’s family said they’re devastated by the death.

“We don’t know what happened, but we know that she loved to be outdoors, so she’s very happy, and we don’t understand how that happened,” said Stephanie Stansbrough, Stansberrys brother-in-law.

“We’re going to take it day by day.

I think we’re going in to the coroner and hoping that the answers are out there.

We’re just praying for the best.”

Stansburies husband said the family doesn’t know how to explain the incident to the public.

“I just don’t think people understand how bad the accident was.

There was a lot of debris in the area, and the power went out and we were all stranded in the water.

I don’t really think people know how bad it was,” Richard Stansbourgh said.

An investigation is ongoing.

For more information on coronavireptics, visit the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

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