‘The people are in charge’ – ‘The police are not’

“The people who have been arrested are the people who are running this operation,” he said.

“The police aren’t in charge of this operation.

The people who carry out this operation are the ones who are in control of the operation.””

The reason we are here is because the government has failed in its duties,” he continued.

“And I think that the government should apologize to the people of Jerusalem.”

A police spokeswoman confirmed to The Jerusalem Times that the arrest of two officers was part of the ongoing investigation into the terror attacks in Jerusalem.

She added that officers were involved in the arrest and search of the suspect and that the investigation had not been concluded.

“We are still investigating and looking into this matter,” she said.

A video published on Facebook by the Jerusalem Police, posted on Tuesday, showed a crowd gathered at a street corner in the southern part of Jerusalem as officers were seen arresting a man in handcuffs and shackles.

The video, titled “The arrest of the two officers,” shows the man in the black hooded sweatshirt, which was then placed under his arms.

The man’s lawyer, Rami Abunimah, said the officers had detained him because they suspected him of involvement in a terror attack.

Abunimab, a member of the Knesset committee on public security, said his client was detained on Friday afternoon.

He said the incident was not related to the recent spate of attacks in the city, which killed two Israelis and injured nine.

“They took my client because they have reason to believe that he has something to do with terrorism,” Abuniman said.

Abu Awwad, a resident of the Al-Aqsa Mosque compound near Jerusalem, was among the injured.

He told The Jerusalem News that he was sitting on the sidewalk near the entrance of the Temple Mount when he heard gunshots.

“Suddenly, I felt a lot of blood in my head,” he told the news site.

“I saw two police officers, and I ran to my brother and sister-in-law, who were sitting nearby.”

The police spokeswoman said the suspect was not arrested for terrorism-related offenses.

“In our investigation, we have found that he is a citizen of Jerusalem and that he did not commit any acts of violence in Jerusalem,” she added.

The Jerusalem Police are currently investigating the death of a Palestinian teenager, Mohammed Abu Khdeir, who was shot dead during clashes on the Temple in Jerusalem’s Old City on July 31.

He was 18.

A total of 22 Israelis and five Palestinians have been killed in the past two weeks in Jerusalem and the West Bank.

The latest attacks came after a series of deadly attacks in January that left nine Israelis dead and two wounded in the West.

The violence erupted after a Palestinian attempted to stab an Israeli soldier at the Temple mount, which is the holiest site in Judaism.

In response, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu ordered security measures at the Mount in the wake of a surge in attacks on Jewish sites.

In the wake and following those attacks, the number of attacks increased to around 20 in January.

The Jerusalem Police say they are currently looking into possible terrorist connections.

Israel and the United States have blamed the Palestinians for the violence, and Washington has said the attack on the Mount is an attempt to undermine the two-state solution and the two nations’ ongoing peace talks.

Last week, Netanyahu announced a number of changes to the Mount, including the removal of the Dome of the Rock and the replacement of the Jewish Quarter with a plaza for Israeli citizens.

The Mount is revered by Muslims as the third-holiest site in Islam and is also used by Jews as a holy site, a place for prayer, and a place of pilgrimage for Christians and other religions.

The West Bank city of Hebron, where the attacks took place, has been rocked by violence in recent weeks.

The Palestinian Authority and Hamas fighters have been battling in the area, which has been under the Israeli control since a peace deal between Israel and the Palestinians was signed in 2005.

Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu speaks to reporters after signing a security agreement at the Israeli-Palestinian border in Jerusalem, Israel, July 24, 2020.

Netanyahu ordered the demolition of homes and other property, and the demolition and removal of all mosques, Christian churches, and Jewish holy sites.

“I want to ask all of you to please remain calm and not to be afraid,” he urged residents to heed his orders.

“It is very important to keep calm and be very careful.”

Abuniman called on Netanyahu to apologize to those who were killed in his city and to hold the Palestinians responsible.

“No one should take responsibility for this,” he added.

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