California Gov. Brown urges more water to be pumped out of San Francisco, as snow and ice threatens city’s life-support


Gavin Newsom called for the state to pump more water into San Francisco as snow, ice and high winds threaten the city’s lifesaving efforts.

“We have a situation where the life support system is going to be completely at risk and if it continues to get worse, we’re going to have to consider what are the best options for this city,” Newsom said Wednesday at a news conference.

“And we’re seeing some pretty serious issues with that.”

The state Department of Water Resources is working with city officials to get more water out of the San Francisco Bay and the region as snow accumulates and threatens the city.

Newsom also said the state will provide additional financial assistance to assist the city in its water crisis.

“There is a lot of work that needs to be done,” he said.

California Gov. “

It is critical that we do this quickly.”

California Gov.

Gavin Bloomberg said on Twitter that Gov.

Newsom and the city are working together to ensure the state is able to assist San Francisco.

Bloomberg also tweeted that Govs.

Jerry Brown and Gavin Newsos health care team is “working closely with us to assess the situation and to make decisions as we proceed with our response.”

San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee called the governor’s announcement a “historic day” and called it a “crisis we cannot ignore.”

“The mayor has made a decision to pull water out because we have to get the city back to normal,” Lee said.

San Franciscans flooded the streets Wednesday as the snow piled on top of a downtown bridge.

The snow and sleet was so heavy that some drivers were stuck in traffic as they tried to get to work or the mall, Lee said, adding that the road was closed by 5 p.m.


Aerial photos show the snow melting and falling on the city, with parts of downtown being blocked by trees and other structures.


Brown and Bloomberg are urging people to stay inside and avoid the city during the storm.

In San Francisco’s Mission district, where residents were told to stay indoors Wednesday, the snow was so hard that the city posted a warning on its website.

There is no immediate word on when the city will open to the public again.

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