How many hours have you been indoors during this week?

In addition to being the only state to get the whole month of March off, there are some notable exceptions to the typical winter weather.

On Friday, March 20, the metro area experienced a rare day without rain for more than four hours.

That day was also the first time the area has been without an above-normal temperature for more that four days in a row.

That meant that the area was officially under a zero-degree weather advisory for the week of March 20.

Other notable days on the list included an early morning temperature of 68 degrees, a sunny day of 71 degrees, and a day that fell under a 40-degree temperature forecast. 

On March 21, there were five days when temperatures were above zero.

That was a record high, but still short of the five consecutive days the area experienced above zero temperatures. 

The metro area saw another one of its worst days in recent memory on Saturday, March 22.

That included a record-low temperature of 47 degrees, followed by a chilly morning that saw temperatures plummet to a low of 39 degrees.

That night, temperatures were down to 37 degrees. 

In all, the last three days have been the second-warmest on record for the metro.

In fact, the region was second only to the state of Idaho when it came to average temperature in the week.

According to the National Weather Service, March 21-22 has been the warmest March on record. 

We’ve reached the end of our March, but what’s next?

As we enter spring, the outlook for the rest of the month is fairly good.

There’s no snow to speak of, and there are no major storm systems expected.

Temperatures in the metro will stay around the average for the spring and early summer months, with only a slight dip.

If that trend continues, then temperatures will continue to fall and stay near average for most of March.

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