How to Survive the Climate Change Apocalypse

The first wave of the climate change apocalypse is here, and it is not going to be pretty.

If you’re a person who loves your dogs, you will be devastated by this.

The second wave is not as bad, and you might just get to live to see another day.

That is the message from the National Weather Service.

The first weather wave is likely to arrive around mid-May.

That would be about a month before the first wave hits, and the second wave would hit by the end of June.

The difference between the first and second wave, of course, is the intensity of the first storm.

The former is a few hundred miles away, and its intensity is typically less than 30 miles per hour.

The latter is a hurricane.

The storm is going to blow through the Caribbean, and there are a lot of hurricanes.

And so far, there are very few that have made landfall on U.S. coasts.

The NWS has said that it expects the first weather waves to hit the U..

S., but they are going to start in Florida.

If they do hit, it will be the first major weather event in Florida for about three years.

What the storm does is it is going through Florida’s Atlantic coast, which is a little bit farther north than Florida’s Gulf Coast.

The Atlantic coast is a big, open area with very little vegetation, and so this is a very big storm, but it’s a tropical storm.

And there is going be a lot more water.

In fact, it’s going to rain, because it is a tropical cyclone.

There is going not going be any rain at all.

It’s going all the way down to the coast.

The hurricane is going into the Gulf of Mexico, and in order to get into the gulf, it needs to go through a region called the Caribbean Sea.

So that is going a little farther south, into the Caribbean.

So the Atlantic hurricane will hit Florida, and that will make landfall at the coast, in Florida’s southeastern part, near Tampa.

The area where the hurricane is headed is a lot farther inland, and much farther from the coasts.

And the storm will probably be able to get away from the coast in Florida because it has a lot fewer wind speeds, so it won’t have to go around the coasts as much.

So there is a greater probability of being able to avoid being hit.

That’s going be the major difference between this first wave and the last wave.

The reason this first storm will come ashore in Florida is because it needs the Gulf Coast to pass through.

The Gulf Coast is a great area for hurricanes because it’s close to the U, and then because it doesn’t have much vegetation, it has relatively shallow water, so there is less vegetation and less water in the Gulf.

So Florida’s coast is very sheltered from the winds, and very dry, and a lot colder than Florida.

So, it is much more exposed.

It is also going to have a lot less rain.

The last wave is coming in the eastern Gulf of Maine, which has much colder temperatures, so we don’t really see much rain there.

So this is going out of the U and into the western Gulf of New Mexico, which was a much bigger hurricane, and this is where we expect the most rainfall to occur.

The third wave is the second major storm, and is coming into the U., in Louisiana.

And this is probably the most significant weather event for a number of reasons.

First, this is the first time that the Gulf Stream is going back into the atmosphere, and not going back out.

It was in a tropical depression for a long time.

And it’s back in the atmosphere.

Second, there’s a lot going on in the tropics.

It had a big effect on hurricane development in the U..

And third, the Atlantic is coming back into its usual pattern.

It used to be a very, very dry and tropical region in the winter, and now it is warm and dry.

And when the Gulf is back in its normal pattern, it allows the U to get more moisture, and we get more rain.

That makes the U much more vulnerable to hurricanes, because we get less rain from storms.

The Tropical Storm Warning Center has issued a tropical-storm warning for the Louisiana coast for next week, but that is likely not going as bad as the first two waves, because the storm is not yet a major hurricane.

There are also other conditions that are causing more severe weather.

We have a combination of the warm water coming off the Caribbean Ocean, and warm air from the U that is mixing with the Gulf stream, and as a result, there is more moisture on the Gulf than there was before.

The warm water is bringing more moisture into the water, and also bringing warm air to the ocean.

It has a combination that is causing more rainfall, more wind shear, and more moisture in the water.

We do not have an exact number yet for how

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