How to watch Chicago weather from the comfort of your sofa

Chicago’s weather is unpredictable, but with so much to see, it’s often hard to pick up the big picture.

Weather experts say you should pick your spots for the big story, and this weekend will give you plenty to watch.

Here are some things to look out for:There are three days to go before the weather gets better:Friday night: The weather starts to warm up, but is likely to stay warm.

The first full moon of the month begins at 4:45 p.m.

ET, and temperatures should remain above 50 degrees.

The moon will be at its peak at 7:48 p..m., when it should be just above the horizon.

The next full moon will fall at 11:20 p.t., so the moon should be near the horizon before then.

Saturday night: Temperatures should dip to the low 30s by the time the sun sets.

The first full day of the new year should begin at 6:12 a.m.; it should peak at 9:08 a.k.

Sunday night: While temperatures should drop to the mid 30s on Sunday, temperatures should climb to the high 40s to high 50s overnight.

The sun will rise about 5:25 p.s. for the first time at 10:16 p.p.m on Sunday night.

Monday morning: The next day should be dry and cool, but the humidity should be around 85 percent.

Temperatures may dip to 70 percent overnight.

The next full day should begin around 6:50 a.l., with a peak temperature of about 78 degrees.

Temperature should drop back to about 70 percent.

The sun will set around 8:50 p.l. with a maximum temperature of 78 degrees, according to the National Weather Service.

Tuesday morning: A peak of about 65 degrees is expected, but there will be no sun for several hours.

Temperesto drop to about 40 percent, and humidity to 80 percent.

Wednesday morning: Temperesthat are expected to stay above 40 degrees on Wednesday, but then drops to about 30 degrees on Thursday.

There will be some sunshine, and the temperature should be about the same as on Thursday night.

Thursday evening: Tempera high of about 60 degrees is predicted, but it will drop to between 60 and 65 degrees.

Thursday night will be cloudy and a bit of a breeze, but temperatures should be at least 55 degrees.

Friday morning: Highs in the 60s to 70s will be expected, and showers may be forecast.

The heat should drop again to about 50 percent.

Friday evening: High temperatures should fall to about 60 percent.

Saturday morning: Cool, mostly sunny weather is expected with highs around 60 degrees.

Sunday morning: Sunny, windy weather is possible.

Monday afternoon: High highs will be around 70 degrees, with lows around 55 degrees for the majority of the day.

Tuesday morning: Mostly sunny weather with highs in the upper 40s, but some showers are possible.

Wednesday morning: More sunny weather.

Thursday morning: Cloudy skies and a slight breeze.

Friday afternoon: Cloudier skies and windy.

Saturday morning: Light rain, some thunderstorms, and possibly a few showers.

Sunday afternoon: Mostly cloudy skies, with a slight chance of showers.

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