Meet the “world’s first snowflake” – The first snowflakes in the world, a giant snowflake made by a Japanese firm.

A snowflake in a glass bottle, in this photo by the Japanese firm Kansai Shoshu, has the appearance of a snowflake, but it actually is a giant glass bottle. 

It was created in 2009 by a team of scientists at Kansa Shoshuka, and was exhibited at the International Exhibition of Glass Bottles in Tokyo in May.

It is made of polycarbonate glass, which is more flexible than stainless steel.

It was designed to melt in water and to expand to create a huge “frostflake” that could easily be dropped on top of the water.

“Snowflakes are an extremely important part of the Japanese culture,” said Kansakas chief scientist Masato Sato in a statement.

“Their form and appearance are symbolic of the purity of nature and the sacredness of Japanese culture.

The snowflake is a very important symbol in Japanese culture, and it is important for the future of Japan and the world to have a permanent snowflake.”

The Snowflake was created by the team of Japanese scientists in 2009, but was not exhibited in Japan.

(Reuters) Snowflake made by Kansamashu Glass Co. in 2009.

Kansa is one of Japan’s biggest glass makers, and has produced some of the world’s most valuable glass products, including the Shinshitsu (Glass of Japan) and Kanshitsu glass bottles.

The company has also produced a snow globe that has been a tourist attraction in Japan for years.

The Kansawas glass bottle company is also known for making high-end bottles such as the Suntour (Shiny bottle) that sell for $20,000.

The Snowflakes is one more example of the giant glass bottles that are popular in Japan and beyond.

They have been on display at Japan’s national aquarium, in front of the Imperial Palace, for years, and were also featured in the popular “Snowflake” video on the website of the Japan Times, the largest newspaper in the country.

It showed the Snowflake, and the people wearing masks wearing them, being dropped on a snowfield.

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