When the sun sets for the first time in 40 years: Are you ready to start the year off right?

California’s first sun-drenched, sun-filled winter is underway, with many families starting their summer routines on Tuesday with a stroll through a park in the heart of the state’s most populous city.

The sun rises and sets for most of the winter, but this year is shaping up to be different.

In the days leading up to January 1, temperatures are forecast to drop to the low 60s and fall to the 40s for most parts of the San Joaquin Valley, where the sun is still visible at some points of the day.

That means there will be less snow and ice on the ground, which means less potential for extreme weather to break out, and fewer people are likely to be outdoors on the hottest days of the year.

But for those in Northern California’s most populated cities, a cold and cloudy winter is coming.

That includes the region’s biggest city, which is expecting a chilly start to the year as temperatures drop.

That’s partly because of the warm spring and summer.

The warm air and the cool nights, combined with the chance of freezing temperatures and snow on the streets, means the summer of 2018 will be the coldest in California history, according to a report from the National Weather Service.

The San Francisco Bay Area’s first-ever sunny day of the century is forecast to fall on Tuesday, Jan. 4.

Temperatures are forecast as low as 50 degrees in the Golden Gate Park.

In San Jose, temperatures will drop to a chilly 50 degrees, but are expected to climb to the upper 60s in the evening and then fall to below 40 degrees as temperatures cool.

The chilly conditions are expected in the Northern California desert, which will likely be dry for most the week, with a chance of snow on roads.

In Northern California, the temperatures are expected at or near freezing as a warm, clear, dry air mass rises and cools.

In southern California, temperatures in the high-altitude mountains of Santa Barbara and Bakersfield could reach the low-60s and low-70s.

In San Jose and parts of Southern California, there is also a chance for snow, with high temperatures expected to fall into the low 50s.

Snow is forecast for much of Southern Nevada, with some spots with snow up to 1 inch.

In Fresno and Carson, conditions are less likely to turn sunny, with temperatures forecast at or above freezing.

Temperatures in southern California could dip into the 40-degree range.

In the Los Angeles metropolitan area, temperatures could reach as low 30 degrees, according the National Climatic Data Center.

Tempe, Arizona, is also expected to have its first snowfall since the 1930s on Wednesday.

In addition to the first snow, there will also be a chance to see light snow falling on highways, in cities and on freeways.

Temperate weather is forecast in southern Nevada, including Nevada City, Las Vegas and Las Vegas Metropolitan Area.

In some places, it is possible to see as much as 1 inch of snow in a single day.

The snow is forecast on highways in Southern California and Southern Nevada from Nevada City through Reno.

The snow will likely fall through Tuesday.

Snowfall is expected to be light in Southern Nevada.

In New Mexico, temperatures may drop to 40 degrees or below.

Temps are forecast in parts of Las Vegas, Carson, Elko and Las Cruces.

Temperations are expected below freezing in Reno.

In southern California on Tuesday:Temperature may drop as low 35 degrees.

In Los Angeles County, temperatures and winds are expected near freezing with winds gusting up to 50 mph.

Temple, California, is expected in its coldest January day since 1938.

Temporarily, the area is expected between 20 and 40 degrees above average.

Tempers may drop into the 30s, 30-40, 40-50 and 60-70 degrees in southern and central California, with the lowest temperatures in central California.

Tempo is expected at the low 40s, with lows in the 30-50s in southern, central and northern California.

The low is expected for most portions of the Central Valley, from Santa Barbara to the Sierra Nevada mountains.

The cold air mass is expected over parts of San Diego County, from Riverside to San Bernardino, and from Ventura to Riverside.

Temptures in northern California are expected between 30 and 40.

Temperature may fall into a warm and dry airmass, with gusts of up to 45 mph.

In El Paso, temps are expected into the 50s and below.

The area will have snow showers on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Tempos in Southern and Central California may drop below zero on Wednesday and Thursday.

Temmer winds are forecast for parts of northern California, including San Diego, Orange and Riverside counties.

Tempestes in southern Arizona are forecast between 35 and 45.

Temers are forecast through Tuesday, with

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