Wisconsin’s lake water crisis has a huge impact on weather, says UW research

The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources has identified a key component of the state’s water crisis that threatens to affect the state for decades to come: Lake Michigan.

It’s an ecological and geochemical fact of life, but it’s also an ecological fact of history.

And it’s been the focus of a growing body of research in the past decade.

A group of researchers led by Scott Stearns, professor emeritus of ecology at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, found in a 2014 paper that water flows from the lake into the surrounding landscape through wetlands and wetlands in an area where a large-scale water canal was constructed.

They found the wetlands and the canal fed into one another.

The researchers said this process caused the lakes water to become increasingly acidic over time, which resulted in the release of carbon dioxide, which in turn resulted in increased temperatures and decreased water clarity in the lake.

The resulting changes to lake chemistry and lake flow also impacted precipitation, which affected crops in the region.

The Wisconsin Department for Natural Resources said the paper, titled “The Role of Lake Michigan in Wisconsin’s Water Crisis,” was published in the journal Nature Geoscience in April.

In an interview with Al Jazeera, StearNS said the research found that water flow from Lake Michigan into the lake watershed has an important impact on how water quality and lake salinity affects lakes, and it’s one that is well understood.

“Water from Lake Huron, for example, is the most water-intensive of the four lakes.

It’s not as intensive as Lake Michigan, which is about two-thirds as intensive, but in terms of salinity, it’s very high,” he said.

Stearns said the Wisconsin researchers found that the water from the Lake Hurons drainage system was significantly more acidic and that this changed the way water flows into the lakes.

This acidic water, when it’s flowing into the wetlands, becomes more acidic, and the way it flows into Lake Michigan is different from the way the lake gets its water from Lake Erie,” he explained.

The lake’s salinity is directly linked to the lake’s ability to store heat and to the formation of clouds.”

The higher the salinity of the lake, the more the lake evaporates,” Stearn said.”

We know that evaporative cooling is very important for cooling the lake,” he added.

Straines team also found that lake water levels were dropping significantly during the 1980s, and that the change in salinity caused the water to start to run out faster and more quickly.”

Lake Huron had dropped from an average salinity in the 60s to the low 40s, so it’s not surprising that that lake was very low in salt in the 1980 and 90s,” Straines said.

When the lake started to run low, it took a while for the water levels to come back up.

This, Strainns said, is a key problem for the state.”

If you’re going to have these problems of salinization and evaporative heating, that is going to take a while, and so that’s the key thing to understand,” he told Al Jazeera.”

A lot of the freshwater resources that are in the area, they’re very salty, and they’re a bit of a drain on the surface of the water,” Stene said.

He added that the freshwater industry was already concerned about the water quality in Lake Huronton and the lake itself.”

There are two main types of industries that are there.

There are those that use the water for the industrial use that they do, and then there are those who use it for their recreational use.

“But when the lake is running low, they use their recreational water for drinking water, and a lot of recreational water is actually being used for irrigation.

So there’s a lot more commercial and recreational use of the recreational water in the state of Wisconsin.”

Lake Hurontons water quality is currently the highest it has been in over 100 years.

In addition, Stene’s team discovered that there is a significant amount of algae in the water, which can cause problems for the fish that live in the lakes habitat.

The scientists also found evidence of algae blooms in the summer and autumn in the nearby rivers, and in the spring in the northern part of the city of Milwaukee.

“All of these changes are affecting the fish, and this is the main problem that is affecting them,” Streats said.

According to Stear, the lakes salinity level is now about 6 per cent of its historical level, which means it’s currently in a situation that will cause a lake to become more acidic over the long term.

Strenns said that while the lake has already shown signs of changing, the effects will only be felt over time.

“Over the last couple of decades, we’ve seen significant changes to the salinities, and we’re

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