Detroit is seeing record lows on Tuesday, but there are still some spots that are not covered

A few hours before midnight on Tuesday night, the temperature in Detroit was down to the freezing point of -22 degrees Fahrenheit, according to Weather Underground’s hourly temperature map. 

This was the coldest night since July 10, 2016, when it was -25 degrees in the city, according the site. 

The cold spell was expected to last through the morning, but the cold didn’t last long. 

By 11:20pm, it was still -27 degrees in Detroit. 

“It’s a very big deal,” said Jeff Foye, the meteorologist for ABC 7 News in Detroit who tweeted the image.

“It’s like, well, at this point, I guess it’s a win-win.” 

The National Weather Service (NWS) reported a record low of -27.9 degrees in Birmingham, Alabama.

The temperature was also down to -20 degrees at the airport. 

Detroit is the third most populous city in the United States, and the second-most populous metropolitan area in the country, behind New York City. 

On Wednesday morning, the National Weather Center (NWC) issued a winter storm warning for parts of eastern Michigan. 

In the city of Detroit, the wind chill was down as low as -13 degrees. 

According to the Weather Underground weather map, the cold spell in Detroit lasted through the early morning hours. 

A man stands outside his home in Detroit on February 16, 2019. 

It’s still very cold, but not as cold as the record low temperatures experienced by Detroit in 2016. 

(Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images) The weather system that hit the city on Tuesday has already moved into eastern Michigan, and is expected to be moving south toward western Michigan, according an official from the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality. 

Michigan is the second state in the Northeast to see snowfall in February. 

Last year, snowfall was down by 2.3 inches in the Midwest, according a January 20, 2020, report from The Weather Channel. 

 The snowfall that Detroit received was just 1.1 inches. 

Temperatures were also the lowest in the state in 24 hours.

A storm surge watch has been issued for parts in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.

The storm surge from the storm will cause flooding, including flooding along Lake Huron and the Detroit River, as well as a dangerous storm surge at the U.S.-Michigan border. 

Read more about the record cold spell: Read the story of the record snowfall for the Midwest and Northeast, and the storm surge that’s predicted for the region, in The Weather Network’s Winter Storm Guide. 

Here’s a look at the snowfall totals for the entire United States: Here are the snow totals for western Michigan: This morning’s snowfall is just a fraction of what the city experienced last year. 

Over the weekend, there was a snowstorm in the eastern half of Michigan, but on Monday night, only a handful of inches fell. 

However, it is likely that even with a few inches falling, there will still be a significant amount of snow on the ground in the area, said Jeff Chiang, a meteorologist with the National Snow and Ice Data Center (NSIDC) in Boulder, Colorado. 

There is a snowfall advisory in place for the Upper Michigan/Wyoming border, which covers parts of Wyoming, Montana, Wyoming, and Kansas. 

As of Tuesday morning, more than a quarter-million people had been issued warnings for potential flooding. 

Snow in the mountains is also expected to continue to fall throughout the region this week. 

Sandy weather is forecast to continue through the end of the week.

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