Donald Trump ‘unwittingly’ admits he lied about Hurricane Harvey coverage

Donald Trump “unwillingly” admits he falsely told Americans during Hurricane Harvey that “we have no flooding.”

In a Monday tweet, Trump said the coverage was “horrible” and he had been “wronged” by the media.

“I have been wronged by the fake news media,” Trump tweeted.

“My false statements were made on television, and are being taken out by the dishonest media.”

He went on to say that the media had “made up” stories about him and his administration.

He did not address his claim that the “fake news media” was making up “false stories about me and my administration.”

Trump has also been criticized for tweeting that the hurricane was “an absolutely brutal and destructive storm” and said that the government “could not do anything about it.”

But the Associated Press reported on Monday that the president had no idea that he was wrong about Harvey until after it was declared.

The AP cited unnamed White House officials who said the president was told about Harvey by CNN reporter Jim Acosta on Tuesday morning, the same day CNN announced that Acosta had been injured in Hurricane Irma.

Acosta has since tweeted that he is “doing OK.”

In an interview with Fox News Channel on Monday, Acosta said he had heard the president’s tweet on Tuesday, and he said that he had “seen the tweets on the air.”

He said that when he saw the tweets, he “was very impressed” by them.

He also tweeted that Trump told him that he “got it right.”

The president did not specify what he meant by “get it right” and his spokeswoman did not respond to a request for comment on the AP report.

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