How to avoid a weather alert in your area

If you’ve ever heard a news article that described a weather event, the weather app may not be the right app to use.

A Weather Alert is not a weather warning and is not considered a weather advisory.

However, if you’ve heard about a storm or tornadoes and are in the area of a severe weather warning, the app will display a weather radar alert and warn you to stay away.

You’ll need to check the weather radar before you get the weather alert.

Weather radar alerts will also not display a warning about the threat of severe weather.

However if you do hear about severe weather, your smartphone will display an alert and tell you to leave the area immediately.

If you don’t leave the house and are close by, your phone will display the weather warning warning and warn the public that severe weather is in the forecast.

For example, if a severe storm is expected to impact your area, your weather radar will display that the storm will be severe and will require severe weather warnings.

You may need to change your plan before you leave the residence.

If the storm is forecast to cause a severe thunderstorm, you may want to consider changing your plans and driving to an alternate location.

If your home or office is close by and you don�t need to leave, you can stay put and take precautions to keep your home and property safe.

If a severe wind is forecast for the area, you’ll need a strong wind and hail warning and you’ll want to take steps to keep away from trees and power lines.

You should take steps before leaving the area to protect your home, property, and people.

A weather radar warning is not weather advisory and is considered a warning.

However you should follow directions from the weather forecast and if the weather is clear, stay in your home.

Weather Radar Warnings do not provide specific information.

A severe weather alert is not always required to leave your home because a severe rain event is not expected to affect the region.

The information on this page is not intended to provide specific weather information.

For information on severe weather advisories, see the NWS website.

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