How to weather a forecast storm on Thursday

St Louis, MO (AP) It will be chilly, windy, raining and freezing.

But for the next two weeks, it will be like a spring storm.

Forecasters predict that the St Louis area will get a severe cold front with winds up to 60 miles per hour and gusts up to 70 mph that will bring down trees, snow, ice and heavy rain.

The cold front will begin Thursday night with a low pressure area and head westward to the northern Plains and Midwest.

It will then move west to the Rockies and the Great Lakes.

It is expected to drop into the Midwest late Thursday or early Friday and make a loop across southern Wisconsin, Michigan and Minnesota before heading south again.

Forecaster Doug Stolper says the cold front could bring down tree and tree limbs and even parts of the power grid.

“It’s going to be a big storm for us, it’s going be a very significant weather event,” Stolop said.

“It could be the coldest temperature we’ve seen in many years.

We’re going to have a lot of people without power.”

Forecasters say it’s not clear when the storm will begin.

They also said it could change the pattern of weather for much of the rest of the weekend.

The forecast for Thursday includes winds of 70 mph.

By Friday morning, the front could have a much stronger force and be headed west.

Forecasting website says the forecast for Saturday includes winds up at least 50 mph, with some reports of gusts of 70.

It also has a potential storm surge of 5 feet or more.

It has a chance of developing into a major hurricane or hurricane-force storm.

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