How weather channels are affected by the CryptoCoin fork

London, UK — London weather channel KY weather has been forced to pull the plug on its app for its upcoming event because of the Cryptocoin fork, which is forcing users to update their feeds.

Users can update their weather by visiting the app’s website, but KY Weather has not yet been able to retrieve it.

“The weather channel is taking this very seriously and we are working with our partners to find a solution,” said KYWeather spokesperson, Daniel Hovis.

KY Weather is the weather app that is popular in London, but it has not had the same effect as many other weather apps on the market.

Hovis said that the app has been updated with support for the Crypto-currencies fork, but he did not provide details on what the updates included.

The KY app is one of the most popular weather apps for Londoners, with over 80 million users, according to

Despite being popular in the UK, it was not a huge player in Europe until 2017, when it became a major player in the US.

In the last two years, it has become the most visited weather app in Europe, according a report by the Weather Channel UK.

It has also become the UK’s third most visited app in the world after Google Maps and Apple Maps, according the Weather app provider App Annie.

According to Met Office, London is a city that has experienced a number of significant weather events in recent years, including the London Blitz, the 2015-16 Northern Hemisphere Storm, the 2016-17 Storm Desmond and the 2017 Hurricane Ophelia.

But KYweather has struggled to keep up with the influx of new users in recent months.

Met Office’s latest forecast predicts that there will be around 20 days of rain in the city this month.

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