The Latest: Philadelphians Are Justly Concerned about Weather, Says Governor


(AP) It’s not a big deal in the grand scheme of things, but a few days of intense, prolonged rain that leaves the state’s biggest city bracing for a storm is.

Ahead of the expected rain, Gov.

Phil Bryant issued a mandatory evacuation order for his state and ordered the National Guard to help.

The storm was expected to move out to sea Monday, making the threat of flooding even greater.

It’s the second storm of the year, and its impacts are being felt across much of the state.

Some residents in Jackson, home to Mississippi’s second-largest city, have been bracing themselves for the storm.

“We’re going to have a little bit of rain in the coming days, but it’s going to be mostly light rain,” Jackson resident Michael Purdy said.

“The forecast is pretty good.

We’re not really expecting a lot of damage.”

Purdy, a lifelong Jackson resident, said the rain was not something he thought about until after his daughter was killed in a car crash earlier this month.

“I got a lot more worried when I heard about it,” he said.

Purdy and others say they worry about the possibility of flooding, but have no worries about getting stuck on the road.

“There’s no reason to be worried,” said Jackson resident John Covington, who owns a landscaping business.

“If you don’t have a vehicle or your vehicle is damaged, there’s no way to get to your house.”

The storm is expected to bring heavy rains in the state and across the country, which could result in tornadoes.

There have been at least nine tornadoes reported in the Mississippi Valley since Monday afternoon, according to the National Weather Service.

The National Weather Center in Jackson said the storm is moving toward the Mississippi River and could be bringing heavy rain and flash flooding.

The Mississippi River is expected as high as 70 feet in some areas and as low as 50 feet.

“If you’re on the river, we advise you stay in place and stay off the river,” meteorologist Jim Johnson said.

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