Fort Collins, Idaho, snowstorm threatens to shut down ski resort

By RTE News Editor, Joe MascarellThe storm, forecast to move into the Northeast late tonight, could be the worst on record in the state of Idaho, and could see hundreds of thousands of visitors unable to ski in the mountain country that is home to more than a million residents.

This is a very severe weather event and we expect it to continue through the night, Idaho Avalanche Center meteorologist Scott Rolf said.

This storm could make the forecast for snow in the high 30s and low 40s in the mountains and could put a lot of ski resorts in the area on hold.

This storm is the fourth of its kind in the past decade and is the worst one in Idaho since 2008.

The storm has been dubbed “Winter Storm #5” and has been called one of the worst snow storms on record for the area.

The storm is forecast to last into the early evening hours of Saturday and the snow could become heavy in the region.

The Idaho Avalanche Bureau warned that the storm could turn into a snowstorm and could affect skiing and snowboarding on the slopes of the Big Sky Ski Area in the western mountains, the Big Snow Ski Area, the Alpine Ski Area and other trails and facilities.

“We’re going to see a lot more snow,” said Craig Hinkle, a spokesman for the Big Salmon Ski Area.

“It’s going to be a lot worse than the one we had a couple of weeks ago.”

The conditions are going to change and the weather is going to shift.

It’s going from a cold front to a more severe storm.

There’s a lot going on.

I think it’s going a little bit better.

“The storm will be the second winter storm in just over a month, as another storm made landfall near the northern edge of the state last Friday.

The last snowstorm in Idaho was in January 2017, but it is only the second storm of its size in the history of the region, according to the state’s National Weather Service.

The Storm Prediction Center said the snow storm could last into Saturday morning.

The National Weather Services office in Denver is monitoring the storm with satellite imagery.”

We’ll know more as it gets more information.”

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