Why are the National Weather Service forecasting the next major hurricane to hit Arizona?

The National Weather Services forecasted the next big storm to hit the Arizona state in April as a Category 5 hurricane.

In a series of articles, I looked at what’s going on at the weather service in the state, what could happen if the forecast is correct and why Arizona is so close to the line on this prediction.

The forecast of the next giant storm to strike Arizona came as the state was reeling from a series that left thousands dead, thousands of homes and businesses damaged, and millions of dollars in damage.

The first storm to pass through the state since the devastating flooding from Superstorm Sandy left a path of destruction across the state.

This was a historic storm, which we’ll look at today.

The next storm is a lot more than a storm.

It could be another El Niño or an El Niño-type event.

It is not just a storm that is causing this damage.

In fact, it could be the worst El Niño on record.

The National Weather Office predicted the next storm to come in is a Category 3 hurricane, which is a hurricane, and that it is headed to the northwest at about 5 mph.

This would be the strongest storm in the region.

The forecast does not specify where the storm will be headed, but the storm is expected to be near the coast of Mexico.

The next big hurricane is expected by the end of next month, which would mean that Arizona is almost within the path of the storm.

The National Hurricane Center predicts that the next super-storm will be a Category 4 or 5 hurricane by mid-May.

A storm is defined as one that is expected in a given location at least once in a century.

There have been several super-hurricanes that hit Arizona, including Irene in 2007, Katrina in 2005, and Sandy in 2012.

The last one hit Arizona on February 1, 2015, and the next one will be the first hurricane in the forecast that was to make landfall.

It will not be the last, either.

Another hurricane is predicted for mid-July.

The model is predicting a stronger storm coming in next month than the one that hit the state last year.

The storm is forecast to be more powerful than Irene, Katrina, and even Sandy.

The model is also predicting a strong hurricane moving toward the east-northeast, with maximum sustained winds of 150 mph.

That storm would be more of a Category 2 storm than Irenee and Katrina.

The hurricane would be moving at about 6 mph, or 7 miles per hour, compared to Irene’s 4 mph and Katrina’s 5 mph winds.

It would be traveling through the Gulf of Mexico and would be a threat to Arizona’s coastline.

The NWS forecasts that a strong storm will move through the northwest and enter Arizona by mid July.

It’s not a strong event, but it could lead to widespread flooding.

The NWS says the storm could dump 40 to 60 inches of rain in the Tucson area.

Some areas would be hit by 1 to 2 inches of rainfall, and parts of Arizona would receive upwards of 4 inches of precipitation.

The predicted rain could also be heavy, particularly in Arizona’s southwest.

The storm could be accompanied by a significant amount of tropical storm force winds.

The storms would pass over the southern Arizona border.

They would hit parts of the state’s southeastern border as well.

The impact of a tropical storm in Arizona is not known, but there are several models that predict it could bring heavy rain and possibly flash flooding to parts of New Mexico.

It’s not clear exactly when the storm would make landfall, but if it did, the storm was predicted to be a large Category 5 storm with sustained winds up to 185 mph.

If it did make landfall as a category 5 storm, the winds could reach 160 mph.

The strong winds would lead to flooding of parts of Tucson and parts in the surrounding mountains.

The winds and heavy rain would be accompanied, by strong winds and severe wind gusts, by torrential rain, which could reach 2 to 3 inches in some areas.

A tornado could be a possibility, with gusts of up to 140 mph.

There are some concerns about the possible death toll if the storm hits Arizona.

This is because the death toll is based on a preliminary forecast from the National Hurricane Centre, which was based on the current model.

This model was based off of models that had already been in use for several years.

In the last model that was in use, the National Center for Atmospheric Research used the same data and used it to predict that the storm wouldn’t hit Arizona until May 1.

The new forecast was based more on the latest available data.

The updated forecast of a storm could result in the death of some people in Arizona.

If that happens, that will have a direct impact on the recovery efforts.

The most direct impact would be in areas with heavy storm water that has accumulated in the mountains, such as

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